Love Poems to The Beloved and You

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A Deep Exploration of The Divine in Self

Mystical Poetry is poetry about what some call God, Goddess, the Field of Possibilities, or the True Self.  Mystical poetry is a channel of the Divine love that comes from full union with the Divine, by whater name, and the True Self  (Yoga).  


Through use of metaphore the mystic helps us to remember our True Self and brings us into union through our thoughts and imaginations with the Beloved.  The poem below is from a book on mysticism.  


These poems are about experiences and interactions with the Beloved, who goes by many names, that is not only something way out there beyond space, but the thing that resides at the center of the self.  The thing that is known as the real You.  


This book was written by Om Prakash after a pilgrimage to India in 2012, where he had an encounter with God that pushed him beyond the relationship of servant and friend to lover, companion, one with the Divine.  They poured through him, like living water, onto these pages to find their way to a heart that was seeking for Yoga, merger with the Divine.


"Om Prakash's poetry touches my heart, and reveals his own deep spiritual roots. Going back to its richness in times of stress has helped me to stay centered and connected to the divine."

--Michael Reddy, Ph.D, CPC

Author of HEALTH, HAPPINESS, & FAMILY CONSTELLATIONS: How Ancestors, Family Systems, and Hidden Loyalties Shape Your Life--and What YOU Can Do About it.




The Prospects of Spring


When the strong winds blow
I feel like a small leaf far out 
on the edge of your branch
shaken by the breeze and just 
trying to hold on.



The sun dips lower
the night feels colder.
The prospects of a warm spring,
or a verdant summer seem lost--
just a past memory I won't see again in my life



But then, in the twilight of my youth
as I float down toward the soil you
hold me in your arms and comfort me.



You tell me that I am immortal
I am the leaf, I am the branch, I am the root
and as this sacred marriage bond is broken
by the death of the body and new marriage



The marriage between body and spirit has now ended
and the one between soul and spirit has finally begun.



I will live forever in your arms, my Beloved.
I will see worlds born of fire and ash and watch
them dissolve into flame and gas.



I will see energy never being destroyed as all existence
one small piece at a time 
wraps itself around the soul of the universe and learns
the spiral dance that weaves new patterns, 
new thoughts, 
new ways of being.



I want to be that pattern,
I am that pattern as I release myself into your wind
and realize that the wind that I have so furosciously resisted
is not some foreign being.



All the time the wind has really only been me
even as the god has only


Om Prakash Gilmore

Copyright February 2012




The Wheel of Time


When you least expect it winter dies and spring is born.
Moving like a shadow of light, full of brilliance and hope
she kisses me in the morning with her soft breezes
and warm sunlight.



The Beloved is dancing in her white gown,
flowers platted in her hair.
The stars in her eyes are searching
for every,
needing to be nurtured and kissed by life.



The rains will come soon.
Flowers, trees,
grasses and weeds will grow,
and with them life will increase.



The birds,
the trees,
the animals,
the fish,
all things will arise from their frozen state
looking for the opportunity
to sow the seeds
that will create the vessels
to carry life through the next
cold winter.



You live in me,
I live in you,
and in this great turning of the
wheel of time
we sit at the hub watching the world go round
as every
being slowly spirals toward the center so we,
like in the old time before time,
will return to being One.



In the midst of it all you and
I sit watching the world.
The love inside us chases away the heat, the cold,
the life, and death
for everyday with you, my Beloved, is
a celebration of the equinox of spring.



Om Prakash
Copyright March 8, 2012


The Mystical SELF

It is said that one dies when they see the face of God. This is only partially true. The ego, the small self dies as the divine Self is reborn. Om Prakash (John Gilmore) is a writer, spiritual life coach, and a massage therapist and healer. Several times Om Prakash has come face to face with the Divine in every tree, every flower, every person, and every archetype dedicated to expressing one face of the Divine. Love Poems to The Beloved and You are written as a response to these encounters with the Divine and contain the essence of what a connection with the Divine truly is. It is a collection of poetry not only to some being out there, but to the beauty, the love, the God that dwells within your mystic heart. Get more information by clicking the picture below.  


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